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Excellence via innovation & cutting-edge technology

About us

DigiTech 4.0 is part of a wide network of Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe. It acts as an one-stop-shop, serving companies within their local region and beyond to digitize their business.

We are supported by experts from Pricewaterhouse Coopers & Oxentia (Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy).

What we do

We are building an ecosystem that fosters innovation. It is based on a model that promotes excellence and collaboration among stakeholders.

We commit to digitizing Bulgarian companies and make them competitive in the global manufacturing market.

How we do it

Innovative sectors need strategic approach, well structured professional support and infrastructure to realize their potential.


    We provide facilities for testing disruptive technologies that create value for the whole society.


    We share knowledge to develop world class products and services.


    We connect the ecosystem to form a new generation of industry professionals.

Our activity

is structured in 3 areas


This area helps us control advanced hybrid systems and master complex technological processes in a holistic manner. It is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.


The automotive industry has entered a period of transformative change shaping urban centers, ensuring social participation and addressing environmental issues. Companies not only strive to improve their performance but they rethink the whole industry to provide customers with safety, comfort, and efficiency.


Economically disruptive technologies inspire business leaders with their potential to entirely change the way we live and work. Complex technological solutions create more value with less input, introduce new approaches and strategies, and affect comparative advantages.

Awareness Creation around Digital Technologies

We help people understand the opportunities brought about by digital technologies to overcome the business challenges, facilitate the adoption of those technologies and make the best from them in their application.

Innovation Scouting

We support companies in searching for information on recent available innovations and identifying and engaging innovation partners.

Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses

We support companies shape their vision and strategy from a digital perspective and adjust their direction in response to a changing environment.

Brokering / Matchmaking

We operate in a network and facilitate the innovation of organizations by connecting different actors of the ecosystem and with external entities.

Access to Specialist Expertise and Infrastructure

We provide access to knowledge and facilities to deliver excellence in all our services and increase companies’ competitiveness in the global market.


We grow a community of experienced and committed professionals who build businesses together and support each other in unlocking performance improvements.


We deliver training on digital skills to meet the needs and preferences of companies and enhance their digital transition in the innovation ecosystem.

Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services

We identify funding opportunities for our members and bring in contact all the stakeholders that can contribute to the purpose in order to facilitate the implementation of a large-scale investments.

Collaborative Research on Issues of Common Interest

We strengthen collaborative mechanisms by bringing together professionals from different background and engaging them in a collective effort.


ICT Cluster, MOVE.BG & Center of Excellence at Technical University, Sofia made a promising consortium to implement a focused solution to realize the full potential of Bulgarian companies. The partners share state-of-the-art infrastructure, profound business expertise and active community.

  • Petar Statev
    Petar Statev Chairman of Managing Board of ICT Cluster
  • Sasha Bezuhanova
    Sasha Bezuhanova Founder and Chair of MOVE.BG
  • Georgi Todorov
    Georgi Todorov Head of Center of Excellence at Technical University of Sofia


Transformation is only possible when it is a collaborative effort. A wide network of partners – leading organizations and companies concerned with the development of digital industry in Bulgaria and the region, support us.

Leaders from industries are invited to join us.

Excellence via innovation & cutting-edge technology

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